Best Ways to Catch Lots of Crappie

Don’t Miss the Spawn

It is by far the easiest time of year to catch a bunch of crappie.  You will also find some of the best fishing for the big fish too in the spring, so you can’t go wrong with a well-timed crappie trip to one of the better crappie destinations in the country.

Use Live Minnows

Crappie like minnows, so give them what they want.  Using a minnow is the best way to consistently get crappie to bite.

Go South

Some of the best crappie destinations are in the south.  When you look at some of the pictures, you will be shocked at how many fish some of these people catch with the better crappie guides.

Go North

We just told you to go south and now we are saying go north.  That is right.  The best fishing is south and then back up north.  Up north, a lot more people are hush hush about their secret crappie spots than down south though.  There are so many lakes to fish in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Canada and many of the best crappie lakes for numbers are up here.  You just won’t hear many people talking about what lake they caught their crappie on up here the way you will down south.

This isn’t saying anything about the people that fish for crappie down south either.  It’s just different down south.  You have these huge reservoirs that have huge populations of crappie and everyone knows it.  You most likely aren’t going to find their hot spots, but you will see a lot of reports about what lake the fish came from.  Up north, there are many smaller lakes that could easily be fished out if everyone knew about the good crappie bite, so you will most likely hear someone say they caught some nice crappie in Vilas County or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or in the Brainerd area.  The crappie fishing is good up north, but you have to do some research and put in your time to find some of the better spots to catch them in huge numbers.

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