Crappie love spinners and these in-line spinners work great for them.  When the bite is aggressive, they will hit these spinners pretty hard.

The Beetle Spinners are also some very good spinners for crappie fishing.  Most of them come with some type of plastic bait on the back, but you can take that off and add your favorite live bait to this rig.  When the bite is going good, you may not need any live bait, but when the bite is finicky, it can pay off big time to replace the plastic with some lively minnows.

These smaller underspins are some of the best lures for crappie fishing.  You can fish them with just live bait, soft plastics or hair.  With the soft plastics and hair, you can also tip them with live bait too.  Cast them out and fish them with a slow and steady retrieve and you should be able to catch some crappie.

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