Take a look below to see our featured smallmouth bass fishing destinations in Arizona.

Lake Havasu

Lake Powell

The Colorado River impounded behind Glen Canyon Dam near Page, Arizona forms Lake Powell.  This lake is over 570 feet deep when filled to capacity.  Part of Lake Powell is in Arizona and the bigger portion of the lake is in Utah.  Since Lake Powell occupies two states, make sure you know the fishing regulations of the state that you are going to be fishing.  Lake Powell is known as a popular houseboating destination.

Lake Powell has good fishing for a variety of species of fish.  The striped bass fishery took off here and due to a “keep everything you catch” plan, it has helped this fishery avoid the boom and bust days that were common years ago.  It may seem weird that people come in and keep 100 striped bass in a day, but it actually helps this fishery because the spawn is so good here for the striped bass that if left unchecked, they would eat all the shad and the fishery would collapse.  Lake Powell is known for its striped bass, but it also has good fishing for so many other species of fish.  Target largemouth or smallmouth bass, catfish, walleye and panfish here and you’ll have plenty of action.

White Mountains, AZ

Show Low, Snowflake, Pinetop, Lakeside and Taylor combine to make up an awesome outdoor recreational area in Arizona.  If you like the outdoors, you will find plenty to do here from hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, cross country skiing and more.

Just over three hours from the deserts of Phoenix and Tucson, the White Mountains offer some great fishing for a variety of trout such as rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout and cutthroat trout.  Fly fishing is very popular in many of the lakes and streams in this region.