Steady Retrieve

There are a number of baits that look great with a steady retrieve.  Whether you are using soft baits that have a nice swimming action or hard baits such as crankbaits, spinners, blade baits or spoons, you have a lot of options for targeting smallmouth bass with a steady retrieve.  Keep these baits just over the rocks or right along a drop-off or weed edge and you’ll catch a lot of smallmouth bass.

Hard Baits


You have a lot of options when fishing with crankbaits.  From shallow to deep, there is a crankbait that you can cast and retrieve to catch smallmouth bass with.  It is one of the best search baits for smallmouth bass.


In-Line Spinners are one of the easiest baits to use.  They are one of the better springtime baits as you can find a lot of smallmouth bass in the shallows.


Casting spoons can be super effective for smallmouth bass.  Use the smaller-profile spoons and cast them around schools of baitfish to catch smallmouth bass.

Bass Jigs

With certain trailers, bass jigs look great with a swimming motion.  If you choose to use more of a bait fish color and you pair it with a small swimbait or grub, you can imitate a variety of bait fish and draw many strikes with a swimming retrieve.

Bladed Swim Jigs

A slow swimming motion will do the trick most of the time with these baits.  Attach your favorite trailer and slowly wind these baits in around all types of cover.

Blade Baits

Wind them in with a slow and steady retrieve and you can catch some smallmouth bass.  These baits have great action and will work well when smallmouth bass are feeding on bait fish.

Soft Baits

Curly Tail Worms

Some of the finesse-sized curly tail worms are awesome baits for a steady retrieve.  Cast them out and wind them in slowly and you’ll catch some bass.

Swimming Worms

Swimming worms are made for fishing with a steady retrieve.  Cast them out and wind them in with a steady retrieve and let the paddle type tail do the work for you.


Swimbaits are super to use.  Cast them out and wind them in with a steady retrieve to catch smallmouth bass.  Find some schooling bass and you can put a bunch of fish in the boat with a simple cast and steady retrieve.