Ned Rig

The Ned rig is a fairly new rig that combines a jighead and a chunk worm.  Basically, you are using a tiny piece of worm with a jighead, but not there are many manufacturers that are making special jigheads to go with these shorter, fatter baits.  The shorter, fatter baits are still a finesse-style bait, but the thicker 2.5 to 3″ baits will definitely attract a lot of bigger bass than the pencil thin 2.5 to 3″ baits.

Ned Rig & Chunk Worm

This is one of the best rigs for catching good numbers of smallmouth bass.  It’s a finesse-style rig, so plan on catching a lot of smaller bass with some big fish mixed in.  On trophy lakes though, this rig will put plenty of big smallmouth bass in the boat.  On lakes with lots of smaller bass, you’re going to catch a bunch of them.  If you don’t have any of the special Ned rig hooks and baits, just use a regular jighead with any 2.5 to 3″ piece of worm.

Ned Rig & Creature

There are some awesome creature baits that are perfect for the Ned rig.  Whether you fish with some of the creature baits that were made specifically for this rig or other creature baits, you can find plenty of baits that work perfect with these jigheads.

Ned Rig & Crayfish

Most crayfish baits that are made for smallmouth bass will fit perfect on this jigheads, however, there are some baits that are made specifically for this rig and these crayfish baits get a lot of bites.