Ringworms are one of the better action baits you can use for smallmouth bass.  Most ringworms come in the standard 4″ size.  These smaller worms will catch lots of small bass, but they will also catch plenty of bigger smallmouth bass too.

Best Techniques

Hop Them Along the Bottom

A ringworm looks great worked along the bottom on a jighead or drop shot rig.  Work it along slowly and wait for your bites.

Swim Them

A slow swimming motion drives bass crazy when they are active and looking for a meal.  Use a bait fish colored worm and you will get a lot more bites with the swimming technique.

Go Vertical

A ringworm is a great bait for fishing vertical in deeper water for smallmouth bass.  Rig it on a jighead or drop shot rig and give it some action while fishing on the bottom or higher up in the water column for suspended bass.

Shaky Technique

The shaky technique is a technique you can use with a shaky head jig or a drop shot rig.  It works better with a drop shot rig, however, the shaky head jigs look good too.  Basically, you’re trying to give the bait action without moving it much out of its original spot.  By doing this, you’re creating action while keeping your bait in a good spot to draw more strikes from smallmouth bass.

Best Rigs for Ringworms

Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig is the perfect rig for fishing with ringworms.


A simple jighead is perfect for ringworms.  Whether you want to swim them or hop them along the bottom, a jighead will get the job done.

Scrounger Jighead

Ringworms look good on a Scrounger jighead too.  Swim these baits slowly and the action will draw a lot of strikes from smallmouth bass.


An underspin and ringworm is a great combination for swimming a ringworm to find active smallmouth bass.