Hard Swimbaits

Smallmouth bass will definitely eat a swimbait. You’re just going to have to down size your swimbaits to consistently catch smallmouth bass. Remember, smallmouth bass have a much smaller mouth than largemouth bass. Try using 4 to 5 inch swimbaits instead of the larger swimbaits, however, you can still catch some nice smallmouth bass on a 6 or 7 inch swimbait. Slow and fast retrieves both work well. It all depends on the mood of the fish. Faster retrieves will work better when smallmouth bass are in an aggressive mood

When smallmouth bass are schooling up on shad or other bait fish, a faster retrieve can work wonders. A slower retrieve may work better along a weed line or just above the top of submerged weeds. You may need to vary your retrieves to find out what is working best on any given day.