Bladed Swim Jigs

Bladed swim jigs work great for smallmouth bass.  These lures are a hybrid between a bass jig and a spinnerbait.  Just cast them out and wind them in with a slow and steady retrieve.  You can count them down to various depths to work different parts of the water column.

Popular Techniques

Swim Them

A slow swimming motion will do the trick most of the time with these baits.  Attach your favorite trailer and slowly wind these baits in around all types of cover.

Jig Them Up Off the Bottom

You could fish these baits like an actual bass jig, but if you rip them higher up off the bottom when jigging them, you can create a really cool action that will draw a lot of reaction strikes.

Best Trailers for Bladed Swim Jigs

Minnow Baits

Minnows work great as a trailer bait on bladed swim jigs. Go with the smaller 3 to 4 inch minnows with a slender tail.  This will give the bait a little more action with more of a baitfish look to it which will help you catch more fish.

Finesse Worms

Finesse Worms look good on a bladed swim jig.  Whether you use the ones with a small curly tail or just a slender straight tail, the worms provide some additional action with the vibrating swim jig.


Ringworms are a type of finesse worm that look great on the back of a bladed swim jig. These 4 inch worms provide some awesome action with the action of the bladed swim jig.

Small Swimbaits

Small Swimbaits, like the Sizmic Grub featured to the left, are awesome trailers on the back of a bladed swim jig. Fish them slow with a steady retrieve and the paddles will create a lot of additional action.