Bass Jigs work great for smallmouth bass, although, most bass anglers prefer to use these types of jigs for largemouth bass.  Tubes tend to be preferred over the standard bass jigs when it comes to smallmouth bass, however, the smaller jigs work well for smallmouth bass.

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Hair Jigs work well for catching smallmouth bass. Anglers usually use hair jigs to target smallmouth bass in deeper water.  Smallmouth bass are usually found over some type of offshore structure or suspended near bait fish in open water during the summer and fall months.  If you can present a hair jig at the proper depths, you can definitely have some success catching smallmouth bass.

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Bladed swim jigs work great for smallmouth bass.  These lures are a hybrid between a bass jig and a spinnerbait. Just cast them out and wind them in with a slow and steady retrieve.  You can count them down to various depths to work different parts of the water column. Smallmouth bass anglers have a lot of options when fishing with these baits.  Fish them over the shallow rocky flats, around the wood, weed lines or out over open water for suspended fish.  However you fish them, you have a lot of options.  This lure is a big fish bait too.

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