The wind can play a huge role in bass fishing.  A steady, light wind will congregate minute organisms near the shoreline or along cover.  Bait fish will be close by feeding on these organisms and the bass will be there to eat the bait fish.  Most bass fishermen want a very light wind or no wind when fishing for bass, although, some advanced anglers know how a good chop on the water can help push baitfish towards certain shorelines or into a specific channel or bay where bass will most likely be cruising close behind.

No wind offers some good opportunities for sight fishing and topwater fishing, although, bass may be harder to approach because they can see you easier.  A light wind adds a little ripple along the surface, which allows the bass to cruise the shorelines without being so spooky.  Most bass anglers believe a little wind is actually better than no wind.  During very windy days, fishing can still be productive if you can control your boat.  Once it gets too windy, fishing can be tough, but a little chop on the water definitely improves the bite when fishing for largemouth bass in deeper water.

Wind Blown Shorelines

The wind blown shorelines can be super productive.  It isn’t an automatic, but more often than not, the wind blown shoreline is the one that is more productive.

Wind Blown Points

Wind blown points can also be super effective.  Fish enough of them and you should catch some fish.

Fish Shallower

When the wind is blowing, largemouth bass will feel a little more comfortable in the shallows than if there was no wind.  This doesn’t mean that the fishing will always be better shallower when the wind blows.  It is just one variable, however, when the wind is blowing we highly recommend seeing what that ends up doing to the shallow water bite.

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