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Largemouth bass are the most popular game fish that is targeted throughout the U.S. These fish are exciting to catch whether you are fishing for fun or competing in a bass tournament.  Whether you are a beginner or veteran, this section has a ton of information that will help you catch more bass.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

We have so much information to help you catch more largemouth bass.  Go to our largemouth bass fishing tips page to learn more.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass Love Cover (Weeds & Wood)

While you can find largemouth bass around rocks, these fish absolutely love vegetation and wood.  Weeds probably would trump wood most of the time, however, if the lake has weeds and wood, you should probably fish both types of cover until you can figure out the pattern for that particular day.

Largemouth Bass Eat So Many Different Things

If you ever search bass fishing lures, you will see so many different types of lures in so many different colors.  Largemouth bass will eat so many different things from crayfish to actual fish to worms to lizards and that doesn’t cover everything they will eat.  Their mouths are huge and they have no problem getting a big lure into their mouths.

The Peak Bite Can Be Short

During most of the year, there will be a peak bite during the day.  It is usually in the early morning and late evening.  These low light conditions are usually the best time to target largemouth bass.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t catch them during the middle of the day, but they can be challenging to catch during the middle of the day for sure.

They Eat Big Baits, Especially in the Summer

Largemouth bass have huge mouths and they will gladly eat a bigger bait.  When water temperatures warm up in the summer, they seem even more willing to eat a real big bait.  The better anglers usually catch bigger bass with bigger crankbaits, swimbaits, big 10 to 12 inch worms and big lizards in the summer time.

There Are Different Strains of Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass are not all the same and with so many southern waters now stocking their lakes with Florida strain largemouth bass, anglers need to know about it so they can make the adjustments needed to catch fish.  The Florida strain bass grows much faster, thrives in warm waters, will do just fine in very shallow water and they are usually not nearly as aggressive as the northern strain largemouth bass.  When the Florida strain largemouth bass get big, they get very smart and are very reluctant to hit artificial lures, so most anglers use live baits to catch them instead.

The northern strain largemouth bass is very aggressive and can be caught on so many different lures.  They obviously grow a lot slower and can thrive in cooler water temperatures.  Most anglers that live up north will struggle at first when going down south where the lakes are dominated by Florida strain largemouth bass.  Slowing down, fishing during the peak time periods and using live bait are some of the ways to get these bigger Florida strain bass to bite.

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