Warm Fronts

Spring Time

In the spring, warm fronts bring warmer water temperatures and this leads to some of the most exciting fishing of the year for largemouth bass.  If you want to target largemouth bass in the shallows, try fishing the shallows when water temperatures reach the low 60s.  As waters continue to warm, the spawn will end and many bass will move deeper.

Find warmer water temperatures in creeks, inlets, bays and on the north shorelines.  Murky water warms faster than clear water.  Ponds warm faster than lakes and rivers.  Shallower bays warm faster than deeper bays.

Summer Time

Warm fronts in the summer can make fishing tough.  Fish lowlight conditions and at night for the best success when water temperatures get hot.

Fall Time

A warm front in late fall can make the fishing very good.  It can help extend the fishing season a little longer when you get a nice warmup.

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