Cold Fronts

During cold fronts, fishing can be horrible.  Some anglers don’t even fish during cold fronts because fishing can be that tough.  Once a cold front hits, bass will go into deeper water and deep into cover.  Some bass will be in weeds that are so thick that it’s not even possible to present a lure to these fish.

Catching fish after cold fronts is very tough.  Some anglers turn to live bait, which is probably the easiest way to catch bass after a cold front.  Using lighter line, smaller lures and slowing down your presentation can help you catch more largemouth bass during a cold front.

Slow Down

Slowing down is the easiest way to get bit after a cold front.  Just make sure you’re fishing productive areas or you’re fishing slow for nothing!

Fish Closer to Cover

A lot of times, largemouth bass will be found super tight to cover after a cold front.  Get out the heavy gear and get your baits into those tight spaces to get more bites.

Fish Deeper

This is a no brainer.  Fish deeper, however, you may want to try to stay close to weed edges or just off the drop-offs.  Bass may not be willing to move as far to go eat your bait after a cold front.  You may have to hit them in the head with it, so fish deeper, but really focus on staying as close to the best spots as you can.

Use Live Bait

If you’re not against using live bait, this would be a good time to break it out.  It’s tough for a largemouth bass to turn away a lively nightcrawler, leech, or minnow.

Stay Home and Make a Good Sandwich:)

Enough said.

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