Most bass fishermen do not even fish for largemouth bass in rivers. Some rivers that offer warmer water will hold good populations of bass. When fishing rivers, largemouth bass will usually be found in the areas with less current.  Some current is good because it helps to position bait fish , which then helps to position the bass in predictable areas.


Backwaters with wood, lily pads, weeds or other types of cover will attract largemouth bass.  The spring is a great time to fish the backwaters.  When the river is high, it’s also a good time to fish the backwaters.  On some rivers, the backwaters are where you’re going to find the largemouth year round.  Depth, water temperatures, the height of the river can all affect whether or not bass will be there.

Current Breaks

Slack water behind bridge pilings, points, and docks are other good places to find largemouth bass in rivers.  Water levels have a big effect on largemouth in rivers.  High water and fast current will cause good numbers of largemouth bass to move into the backwaters or any place out of the faster current.  As the water levels drop, many bass will move out of the real shallow backwaters to look for some depth and current that provides plenty of oxygen.

Main River Channels with Slower Current

The deeper river channel will also hold largemouth bass if the current isn’t super fast. You’re going to find more walleye, catfish and other types of fish in these spots, but if the depth and current is right, you can also find some largemouth bass here too.  Large rocks and wood can provide current breaks which help position bass just behind them.  You’ll need your electronics to help find some of these deep water spots.

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