Ponds can provide some excellent largemouth bass fishing.  The best ponds have light to moderate weed growth with a good supply of sunfish.  Bass need a source of bait fish to feed on and sunfish are usually the main source of food for bass in ponds.  If you find a pond that has too many sunfish, the pond will most likely not have too many bass because sunfish are known for feeding on bass eggs during the spawn each spring.  Fishing ponds is best in spring and fall, however, you can catch a lot of bass along the shallows during the summer if you fish early morning and late evening.

Find Ponds That are Hidden

Ponds that are harder to find will usually give you a better chance to catch a quality bass.

Fish the Shorelines Hard

Bass are known for feeding on bait fish close to the shorelines.  In some ponds, bass will come in less than a foot of water to eat a small bluegill.  Because bluegill and other sunfish are holding so close to the shoreline, largemouth bass will use the shore as a way to keep them from getting away from them.  During low light conditions, you can usually catch some bass by working your bait very close to the shoreline.

Learn How to Fish Around the Weeds

Many of the better ponds that you’re going to fish for bass will have weeds in them.  Learn how to fish around them or on top of them to catch more bass.

Fish the Deeper Water Slowly

You need to keep your bait in the strike zone longer, so use techniques that allow your bait to stay in the feeding zone longer.  Slow down and give them a chance to get a good look at what you’re offering them.

Bait Fish are the Primary Food for Bass in Ponds

Small bluegill, other sunfish and little minnows are their primary food source, so imitate bait fish if you want to consistently catch bigger bass.  All other baits will work, but you will usually catch the bigger bass by using lures that imitate a bait fish.

Use the Real Thing

Smaller bluegill caught from the pond you’re fishing can be the easiest way to catch a big bass out of a pond.

Topwater Lures are King From Summer Through Fall

Once water temperatures warm up, a topwater lure is probably the best way to catch quality bass in ponds during the morning and evening.  Topwater lures fished with a twitch and pause technique will allow you to keep your bait in the strike zone longer.

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