Murky Water

Dark water and bass fishermen do not get along very well.  We’re talking about dark, milk-chocolate colored water.  Some rivers have very dark water and many lakes and ponds will get very dark after a strong thunderstorm.  If the water is just slightly stained, fishing should be somewhat normal.  When the water gets very dirty, it affects the vision of a bass and it makes fishing much tougher.

Slow Down

Slowing down is probably the best tip for fishing murky water.  Give the bass a chance to find your lure and eat it.  Fish slower, make sure to pause your soft plastics, jerkbaits and jigs for just a little longer than you normally would.

Go Brighter

Brighter colors stand out and can make the difference in getting bites or not on some days.

Go Bigger

By going just a little bit bigger, your baits stand out more and are easier to find for bass in murky water.

Add Rattles

Rattles give bass some help to find your lure when the visibility isn’t so good.  At times, rattles can be the different in catching fish or going home empty.

Fish Tighter to Cover

There’s a good chance that bass are around cover, so spend more time in those super productive areas and slow down to catch the fish that are in those areas.  On many occasions, this will be more productive than fishing in open water where the fish have a harder time finding your bait.

Fish Spillways

There are some situations that fishing murky water can actually be much better.  When the water is flowing at the spillways after a rain, the fishing can be great and the bass don’t care that the water clarity is like looking through chocolate milk.

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