Once water temperatures warm up from late spring through early fall, there is typically a very good early morning bite on a daily basis.  Poor weather may turn off the fish on any given day, but for the most part, you can expect to catch plenty of largemouth bass during the first few hours in the morning.  The shallow water bite is probably better in the morning than any other time of day for most of the year.

Largemouth bass are much more likely to be crusing the shallows in search of an easy meal in the morning.  Search baits such as buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, swimbaits and crankbaits work well.  Slower-moving lures will also work well when casting to specific cover such as docks, weed edges, lilly pads, etc.  For covering water, it is much more effective to cast a shallow-diving crankbait along a shoreline than a soft plastic worm.  Anglers typically will fish fast to take advantage of the active bass in the morning.  Once the morning bite ends, most anglers will fish slightly deeper and a little slower to catch their fish.

Cover Some Water, There Is Usually a Good Morning Bite From Spring through Fall

You will usually have a good bite in the a.m. as long as water temperatures aren’t super cold.  Cover some water and try to present your baits to as many good-looking bass spots as you can while the bite is going strong.  You may miss on some bass that aren’t as active, but there are usually plenty of active bass, so if you can get your baits in front of as many of these bass as possible, you should catch more bass.

Fish Faster When Water Temperatures are Warm

When water temperatures are warmer, bass will usually be most active in the early morning.  Try fishing the shallows for some of those active bass.  Cover some water with some search baits to find active bass.

Fish Slower When Water Temperatures are Cold

When water temperatures are cold, bass will usually be sluggish in the morning.  Slow down and fish close to cover while you wait for water temps to warm up as the sun gets high in the sky.

Topwater Lures are Awesome From Late Spring Through Early Fall

When water temperatures are consistently above 65 degrees, you can usually experience some awesome topwater fishing during the first couple hours of the morning.  Some lakes offer a better topwater bite than others, but it’s definitely a technique worth trying on your favorite body of water.

Don’t Rule Out Casting Your Baits Slightly Away From Cover

Because a lot of bass are searching for a meal, you need to spread your casts out to find bass that are away from their preferred resting spot.  You can often find plenty of bass away from cover as the bass are searching for a meal.

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