As water temperatures rise into the upper 70s, 80s and even into the 90s, bass fishing can get more difficult.  Largemouth bass tend to be much more sluggish during the summer.  Bass can still be found shallow if there is some type of cover that offers some shade from the sun.  Good shallow water cover such as docks, heavy weeds, thick pads and overhanging trees will hold bass throughout the entire summer.  However, most of the bigger fish can be found offshore in deeper water.  Primary and secondary points, deep channel ledges, rock piles, humps, brush piles and drop-offs are good places to target largemouth bass during the summer.  Bass can be found from 8 to 50 feet of water, but largemouth bass will usually be found near some type of cover or bottom contour change. The early mornings and evenings offer some of the best bass fishing during the summer.

Learn How to Fish Deep

The bigger bass are going to be in deeper water most of the time.  Use your electronics and find the better drop-offs and you will catch bigger bass.

Fish When the Current is Running

On some lakes, they use the dam to produce hydroelectric power.  When the water is running, this will help position bass on the current breaks.  It will also trigger them to feed, so get out there when the current is running even if it’s in the middle of the day.

Fish During Low Light Conditions

Fish in the morning, evening and at night and you’ll catch a lot more bass.

Throw a Big Worm

Bass love feeding on big 10 to 12 inch soft plastic worms when the water heats up.

Throw a Big Lizard

Large soft plastic lizards will also get a lot of bites from big bass during the summer.

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