Fishing Rod & Reel Recommendations

There are several different types of fishing rods and reels on the market.  For most anglers, they are going to be using spinning rods & reels or baitcaster rods & reels.  For many anglers, they will use both types of rods & reels letting the situation dictate which one they go with.

Spinning rods & reels are fine for most bass fishing situations.  Don’t let the thousands of “spinning gear haters” tell you that you can’t use spinning gear to catch largemouth bass.  In many situations, a baitcaster is definitely the better choice, but spinning rods and reels get the job done for tons of anglers every year.  Whether you are fishing around cover or in open water, there is a spinning rod and reel out there that you can use to catch largemouth bass.  My big recommendation is that as you go heavier, plan on using braided line because it’s diameter is much smaller than other types of line.  You can use 20 pound or 30 pound line and still fill plenty of it on your reel and cast it a long distance with its small diameter.  With the heavier braided line, you will need a higher quality spinning reel though.  The cheaper reels will not be able to handle this line and the drag won’t work as well or at all with some of the heavy lines out there.


Baitcasters are the preferred type of fishing rod and reel to target largemouth bass, especially when using heavier line and bigger lures.  Whether you are pitching, flipping or just casting around heavy cover for big bass, there is a baitcaster out there that can accommodate your situation.

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