Rocks & Boulders

Fishing around rocks and boulders can be very productive for largemouth bass.  While most largemouth bass anglers will choose to fish weeds or wood before rock, you can catch plenty of largemouths around rock.  Some of the better areas to fish around rocks will be rocky shorelines with some larger rock, big boulders that provide some shade, humps near deep water or on points.  If you can find a point that has some rock on the bottom, there’s a real good chance you are going to find some largemouth bass.

Crayfish (Crawfish) are King Around the Rocks

Whatever you call them, just make sure you are using them.  Since bass will feed heavily on crayfish near the rocks, anglers have a lot of success with bass jigs, tube and soft plastic crayfish.

Baitfish Imitations Work Great Too

Since rocks also attract plenty of bait fish, faster-moving search baits can also lead to some nice catches of largemouth bass.  Swimbaits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits and topwater lures will all work well around the rocks.  If you need to slow it down, try throwing a jerkbait or inline spinner.

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