Offshore Structure

Underwater Humps

Underwater humps can be great spots to fish for largemouth bass.  Some humps will be rocks, some will have weeds on them, but both types of these humps will hold fish if they have the proper depths around them.  For example, a good hump to fish would be one that has some decent size to it with water that drops down into that 15 to 20 foot depth range.  Combine that with some shallow water up to that 4 to 6 foot range and you have a good place to target largemouth bass.  These spots are harder for anglers to find, so many of them will get overlooked.  They can be productive in the spring, but these spots are great summer and fall spots.


The reefs are known more as a smallmouth bass spot, but largemouth bass will be found on the rocky reefs at times as well.  It just depends what other types of cover there are on the lake.  If there are a lot of weeds, you may not see many largemouth bass on the rocky reefs.  If the lake lacks vegetation, you might find a lot more largemouth bass on the reefs.


Islands are great spot to fish, especially if you have some depth there with some vegetation mixed in.  If there aren’t any weeds, some rocks may hold some largemouth bass there too.  The islands are usually better summer and fall spots, but the spring can be productive too.

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