The docks will hold largemouth bass from spring through fall, although, the spring is usually the best time to fish the docks.  The docks provide bass a variety of things: cover, food and shade.  Bluegill are often found around the docks, so bass can always grab a quick meal when they are hungry.  When fishing the docks, make sure you can make accurate casts.  If you can keep you bait in the strike zone longer, you will usually get more bites around the docks.  The drop shot rig, jigs, wacky worms and a bobber with live bait are just a few of the popular ways to target bass around the docks.

Spring is Best

You may be able to catch bass all year around the docks, but the spring time is very tough to beat.

The Drop Shot Rig is King

The drop shot rig is just an awesome way to present soft plastics around the docks.  Keep your bait in the strike zone longer and catch a lot more bass.

Weightless Rigs

A weightless rigged soft plastic bait can be super effective next to the docks.

Throw a Bass Jig

It is tough to beat a bass jig when fishing the docks.  Fish the sides of the docks, the end of the docks and up underneath the docks and you’ll have some success.

Reaction Strikes

If you fish a jig or some type of soft plastic rigged with enough weight, the sudden fall of your bait will draw many strikes when fishing around the docks.  Get your bait close to the docks and as it falls, get ready for a bite.

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