Best Ways to Catch Lots of Largemouth Bass

Fish During the Spring

The fishing is so good in the spring when largemouth bass invade the shallows.  Target the bays, creeks and shorelines that will hold early season largemouth bass.  You will find them around all types of cover such as weeds, rocks, docks, wood and more.  This is the time of year that you can put up some serious numbers if you are on the right body of water with the right tackle.

Fish the Weeds

Bass love weeds.  If you want to catch lots of bass, there is a good chance you will need to fish some vegetation to put up those numbers.

Fish the Wood

On the lakes that have it, you will usually find plenty of bass relating to the wood.  Fish the wood with weedless baits, wacky worms and topwater lures and you can catch a lot of bass.

Wacky Worms are King

It really is tough to beat a wacky worm, especially in the spring when all these bass come shallow.  Fish it weightless or on a finesse jig and fish it around all types of shallow water cover and you’ll catch a lot of bass.

The Neg Rig Catches Tons of Bass

The average size bass will be smaller, but it is amazing how many bass you can catch on a Ned rig.  It is one of the best action baits on the market.

Ringworms Will Put Up Some Serious Numbers Too

Ringworms are so effective and they give you lots of options.  You will usually catch smaller bass with ringworms, but you will also catch lots of bass.  Ringworms can simulate a worm or minnow bait depending on the color you choose and how you fish it.  Swim it slowly on a jighead or hop it along on a drop shot rig.  Both techniques catch big numbers of bass.

Finesse Worms are Awesome Action Baits

A well-placed 4 to 6 inch finesse worm on a jighead or drop shot rig will get plenty of bites.

Live Bait is the Easy Way to Catch Lots of Bass

If you are ok with using live bait, this is probably the easiest way to catch lots of bass.  Whether it’s a live nightcrawler, lively leech or minnow, it doesn’t really matter most of the time.  Largemouth bass love live bait.

Topwater Lures Can be Very Good

They can be hit or miss at times, but if you are on a body of water with a good topwater bite going on, you can put a bunch of fish in the boat in a hurry.