Skipping Baits

Skipping baits is one of the most productive ways to fish docks and overhanging trees.  To get your baits into some of these spots, there really is no way to get it done efficiently, which is why skipping is such a popular technique for targeting these bass in hard to find spaces.  Some of the best presentations for skipping are weightless wacky worms and jigs with a flat side so it will skip along the surface like you would see with a flat rock that you skipped across the surface.  The jigs can be bass jigs or just regular jigs rigged with a variety of soft plastic baits.

Best Skipping Baits for Largemouth Bass

Skipping Wacky Worms

Wacky Worms are by far the best bait for skipping when fishing for largemouth bass.  Skip it under trees, docks, boat lifts and anything else where a skip cast will work and you’ll definitely catch some largemouth bass.

Skipping Bass Jigs

Bass jigs also skip really well around trees and docks.  Find a jig with a flatter head and you’ll get even better skips in tight places.  It’s an awesome way to fish a bass jig.

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