Shaky Technique

The shaky technique is a great technique that you can use with a drop shot rig or standup jighead.  Basically, you are going to twitch the rod tip (shake it) to create some action in your bait.  If you have a heavy enough weight on your drop shot rig or standup jighead (shaky head), you can create some action while leaving your bait in the same place.  If you are fishing vertically, you can do this with a regular jighead as well.

Best Baits for the Shaky Technique & Largemouth Bass

Finesse Worms

Finesse worms are one of the best baits to use with the shaky technique.  A drop shot rig or standup jighead work great.

Minnow Baits

Minnow baits also look go with a shaky technique.  This makes the minnow come to life under water and draws a lot of strikes from bass.

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