Flipping & Pitching

Flipping and pitching is extremely popular among largemouth bass anglers.  The reason for this is that there are so many lakes and rivers that have a ton of heavy cover and flipping and pitching is the only way to get into some of these tough to fish spots consistently.   Some of the popular baits for flipping and pitching are bass jigs and soft plastics.

Flipping & Pitching Tips for Largemouth Bass

Go Heavy

When flipping and pitching, make sure you’re using heavier line with a heavy rod as well.  Some anglers go with braid and super lines from 40 to 65 pound test.  In some situations, you could easily get away with 20 pound line, but the thickness of the cover and the size of the bass will dictate what you need to get those big fish out.

Fish the Wood

Flipping and pitching around wood is one of the best ways to target quality bass, especially in many of the reservoirs in the south that are loaded with wood.

Fish the Weed Pockets

Once you learn how to flip or pitch with accuracy, you can put your bait in so many weed pockets that can be home to tons of largemouth bass.

Punch Through the Grass

When the vegetation is super thick, some anglers turn to punching through the grass with heavy weights and soft plastic baits that are more narrow so they can pass through more easily.

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