Drop-shotting is a term used by anglers for when they’re fishing with a drop shot rig.  This is a great technique for targeting largemouth bass.  Most anglers think of it as a finesse style of fishing, but you can do this with heavier line too.  Fish it around cover or out in open water on the drop-offs and you’ll definitely catch some nice largemouth bass.

Drop-Shotting Tips for Largemouth Bass

Dock Fishing

The docks are one of the best spots for fishing with a drop shot rig.  You can put your bait anywhere you want along the docks with precision and if you use a heavy enough weight, you can keep your bait in the strike zone for a long time while giving it plenty of action.

Fish the Weed Pockets

Flipping a drop shot rig and your favorite bait into the weed pockets is a great way to target largemouth bass.  Just make sure you use heavy enough line to get the bass out of the weedy areas, especially if you hook into a bigger bass.

Fish Deeper Water

You can target largemouth bass around all types of cover and structure over deeper water with a drop shot rig.  Fish the drop-offs with your favorite soft plastics and you’ll catch plenty of largemouth bass from spring through fall.

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