Dead Sticking

Dead sticking is a do-nothing technique where you don’t move your bait.  There are some good baits to use this technique with.  For most baits, a slight pause would definitely help you get more bites, but don’t think of a slight pause as a dead sticking technique.  For the dead sticking technique, we are talking about casting your bait out and doing nothing.

For this technique to be an effective way to fish for largemouth bass, you really have to pick your spots.  The baits that it works best with are the baits that fall slowly through the water column and that have a lot of scent in them.  Wacky worms are the most famous do nothing bait, but there are others that will work too.

Dead Sticking Tips for Largemouth Bass

Dead Sticking with a Wacky Worm

Wacky worms are the ultimate do nothing baits.  Flip it in a spot where bass can be found and then literally do nothing and you will get plenty of bites.

Dead Sticking in Cold Water

In cold water, the fishing can be very tough.  Some anglers have reported catching solid bass by just throwing out a scented wacky worm on the bottom and waiting just like fishing for carp or catfish.  It’s not a super fun and efficient way to target bass, but it can put a fish or two in the boat for you on some tough days.

Dead Sticking in High Percentage Spots

Using a scented bait or very good free falling bait, you can flip out your bait and just wait.  Let it sit for up to a couple minutes and then try the next productive spot.  You will catch some bass with this technique.

Dead Sticking in Deep Water

In deeper water, find your favorite free falling bait and just let it sink slowly.  Wind it in 2 to 3 minutes later then do it again.

Dead Sticking with a Shaky Head Jig

Shaky head jigs help position the bait up off the bottom.  Get a realistic looking bait load it up with scent.  Cast it into a fish-holding spot and you’ll get some bites.

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