Bottom Fishing

Most anglers will fish the bottom for largemouth bass.  Whether they do it with soft plastics or a jig, they have a lot of options as largemouth bass relate to the bottom frequently whether shallow, deep or between.

Bottom Fishing Tips for Largemouth Bass

Fish Slow

On many occasions, you will catch a lot more largemouth bass by hopping baits slowly along the bottom.  Whether you are using a jig or a variety of soft plastic baits, the strategy is usually the same:  let the bait fall to the bottom and move it along slowly with some pauses mixed in.  Largemouth bass will usually eat the bait on the pause.

Use a Bass Jig

Bass jigs are perfect for fishing around all types of bottom cover.  The weedless hook setup will allow you to catch bass around wood, rocks and some scattered vegetation as well.

Use Weedless Rigs & Soft Plastics

Weedless rigs such as the Texas rig, Florida rig, shaky head jigs and swimbait hooks are some of the best ways to fish along the bottom without getting hung up.

Drop Shotting Is Very Effective

A drop shot rig is a great way to target largemouth bass along the bottom.  You can hop a variety of soft plastics along the bottom.  Target weed edges, wood and rocks and you’ll get bit with this technique.

Bottom Bumping Crankbaits Works Great Too

Some anglers report a lot of success by using crankbaits that dive down deeper than the depths they are fishing.  This allows the crankbait to dive down deep enough to bump along the bottom while retrieving it.  There is something about this technique that drives largemouth bass a little crazy.  Rocky bottoms are the easiest bottoms to fish without getting hung up.

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