Texas Rig / Florida Rig

The Texas Rig is very popular among largemouth bass anglers.  This rig is great for fishing a soft plastic worm or a variety of other soft plastic baits in and around many different types of cover, in deeper water and in the shallows if you go with a lighter weight.

Peg Your Weight or Use a Florida Rig

To prevent your weight from moving up the line, either peg the weight or use a weight that connects to the worm.  The corkscrew weight that connects to the worm is known as a Florida rig when you attach it to the bait.

Best Baits on a Texas Rig for Largemouth Bass

Soft Plastic Worms

You can fish any soft plastic worms on a Texas rig, however, the 7″ and larger worms are usually the worms that most bass anglers will fish on a Texas rig.  With most of the smaller worms looking better on a standup jighead, the bigger worms are usually the go to worms for a Texas rig.

Big Soft Plastic Worms

When going really big, you have a lot more options when searching the stores for the proper hook sizes needed if you use a Texas rig.  You have lots of great big worm hooks on the market and if you pair them with the appropriate bullet weight, you are set for targeting big largemouth bass.


Lizards look great on a Texas rig, especially when you upsize to some of those bigger lizards in the 7 to 8 inch range.

Creature Baits

The thicker, larger creature baits work great on a Texas rig.  You can use the smaller creature baits on a Texas rig too, but most of them look better on a standup jighead.

Crayfish Baits

Most of the crayfish baits look much better on a standup jighead, but you can definitely use them on a Texas rig as well.  For many anglers, they will go to a Texas rig when fishing with some of the bigger crayfish baits or if they need to use a heavier weight to punch through vegetation.


Tubes are actually very easy to use with a Texas rig.  Most anglers will peg the weight since a Florida rig isn’t an option for most of the tubes because of how they are made.

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