Scrounger Jigheads

The Scrounger Jighead is fairly new to the bass fishing world, however, this lure has made a big impact so far. There are so many soft plastics that work great on a scrounger jighead.  You can fish with grubs, worms, swimbaits, jerkbaits and many others.  The key is finding out which soft plastics will work best with these jigheads.  Some baits work great while others don’t look good at all.  A slow and steady retrieve is the key to giving these baits their action.

Best Baits on a Scrounger Rig for Largemouth Bass

Finesse Worms

The skinnier finesse worms also look great on a Scrounger jighead.  Slowly swim them in the shallows and you’ll catch a lot of largemouth bass.

Soft Plastic Minnows

A Scrounger jighead and a soft plastic minnow is an awesome combination.  The swimming action you will get with a slow and steady retrieve is just flat out awesome. Turn your minnow baits and soft plastic jerkbaits into a swimbait by rigging it on a Scrounger.

Curly Tail Grubs

Curly tail grubs can also look good on a scrounger jighead.  The soft plastic minnow baits look better, but if all you have is curly tail grubs, you can definitely use them to catch bass.

Small Swimbaits

Smaller swimbaits have pretty good action on a scrounger as well.  The skinnier, longer swimbaits will look better on a scrounger.

Scrounger Jighead & Live Baits

You can also use live baits with a scrounger jighead.  Just make sure to match the right scrounger with live baits.  Some of the scrounger hooks are pretty big and they will not work well with live baits, but the smaller hook scroungers can be very effective with live bait.


A lively nightcrawler slow trolled on a scrounger is a great way to target largemouth bass in deeper water.  You can cast them and fish them shallower as well, but you may knock the worm off the hook if you continue to cast it.


Minnows can be used alive or dead.  It all depends on how you want to hook them.  If you have the hook go through the mouth and up through the nostril, you are better off slow trolling them in deeper water to avoid knocking the minnow off the hook while casting repeatedly.  If you hook the minnow inside the back of the mouth and up out of their back, you can cast it more easily without the fear of knocking the minnow off the hook.  You can also fish with dead minnows this way as well, so it’s a nice presentation for anglers that like to keep some minnows in their freezer.

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