The smaller, more typical jigheads are usually used for live baits for smaller soft plastic baits.


A lively nightcrawler on a jighead works great for largemouth bass.  Hook the bait in the head or wacky style.  Both techniques are very effective.


A lively leech on a jighead is a great way to target largemouth bass.  Fish it along the bottom or go with a lighter jighead to slowly free fall the leech through the water column for suspended bass.


A jig and minnow is more popular among walleye anglers, but it works great for largemouth bass too.  Fish along the bottom or throughout the water column.

Jigheads & Soft Plastics

Finesse-Sized Baits

Most finesse-sized soft plastics work well on a regular jighead.  Smaller crayfish baits, creature baits, finesse worms and grubs look great on these smaller jigheads.

Longer Shank Jigheads

The longer shank jigheads work great for most of the soft plastic baits that anglers use for largemouth bass.  Most of these jigheads do not come weedless, so most anglers won’t use them when targeting largemouth bass.  However, if you get yourself some of those corkscrew pieces that are often found on standup jigheads, you can turn these longer shank jigheads into a weedless presentation that works great.

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