Bobbers / Floats / Slip Bobbers

The basic floating rig is setup with a bobber, a split shot for the weight and a hook with your bait.  This is a very common technique for catching largemouth bass, especially among pond anglers.  A well placed bobber is a sure way to get some bites when fishing for largemouth bass.

Once these fish go deep, anglers tend to go to the slip bobber rig so they can get their baits down deep where the fish are.


A lively nightcrawler under a bobber will get you a lot of bites.  Rig it wacky style and you’ll get even more bites.


A lively leech under a bobber is one of the best ways to catch largemouth bass.  Fish it around some cover and you’ll catch lots of bass.


Minnows are great under a bobber for largemouth bass.  Just make sure to give bigger minnows some slack line so they can swim around and find some active bass.

Hair Jigs

A hair jig is often fished under a bobber or float when fishing for suspended largemouth bass.  Work it in with a jig and pause technique to find some active suspended bass.

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