Floating Worms

Floating worms are unique since they float up off the bottom.  Most anglers fish these baits on a Carolina rig or drop shot rig and they’re probably the best 2 rigs to fish these baits, but they also look good on a variety of others as well.  Shaky head jigs, the Texas rig, Florida rig and even swimbait hooks make these soft plastic baits look good.  Fish these baits slowly and let the floating soft plastic baits do their magic.  As the baits lift off the bottom and float up, they are much more visible and at times, much more appealing to a hungry largemouth bass.

Popular Fishing Techniques

These Baits Sit Up Off the Bottom When Paused

When fishing with a heavier weight that gets the bait down to the bottom, these baits will sit up off the bottom differently than baits that sink.  This allows them to stand out and get more bites on the pause.

This Allows You to Slowly Fish This Through the Water Column Better

With these floating worms, this presentation can be very effective if the fish are looking for something falling through the water column more slowly.  These floating worms will fall slowly through the water column when you add a minimal amount of weight to the bait.