Soft Swimbaits

Soft swimbaits work great for largemouth bass.  With the soft swimbaits that are not pre-rigged, you have more options than if you were fishing with a pre-rigged swimbait or a hard swimbait.  Just get the right size jighead and you can switch it up between swimbaits if you need to.  The smaller swimbaits are great action baits and the bigger ones work better for the big bass.

Popular Fishing Techniques

Swim Them

Whether you choose to use a slow and steady retrieve or a faster retrieve, swimbaits make it easy on you as an angler.  Just cast them out and retrieve them at the appropriate depth and you will catch fish.

Popular Fishing Rigs

Jighead (Longer Shank)

A longer shank jighead works great for swimbaits, especially if you do not need the rig to be weedless.

Swimbait Hook

Swimbait hooks were made for swimbaits.  These hooks have the weight balanced under the center of the bait, which helps give it a great swimming action.