Creature Baits

Creature Baits have become quite popular even though they don’t always mimic a natural food source for largemouth bass.  These rigs usually have legs dangling in all different places to excite bass with some extra action. There are baits in many different sizes also, so you may be fishing a 3″ bait on a drop shot rig when bass aren’t very aggressive and then a 10″ creature bait when the bite is hot.

Popular Techniques

Flipping & Pitching Around Cover

Flipping and pitching around cover is one of the most productive ways to target largemouth bass.

Hopping Along the Bottom

Hop these baits along the bottom with some pauses mixed in.  Fish them around wood, scattered vegetation and other cover.

Dragging Along the Bottom

Some anglers have good success just slowly dragging these baits along the bottom.

Popular Fishing Rigs

Bass Jig & Creature Baits

Some creature baits look great on the back of a bass jig.  Fish them slow and around all types of cover and you’ll catch plenty of bass and some other fish too.

Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig and creature bait is a great combination for fishing along the bottom with a slow retrieve.  The action can be very good with a lift and fall retrieve as well as just crawling the bait slowly along the bottom.

Drop Shot Rig

With some creature baits, a drop shot rig is an awesome rig and it can be used around all types of cover, shallow and deep.  You just have to experiment with the different types of creature baits to see what looks best in the water with this rig.

Florida Rig / Texas Rig

The Florida rig is a great rig for creature baits.  Rigged weedless, you can fish around all types of cover.

Standup Jighead

The shaky head jig is another great rig for fishing with creature baits.  Some creatures look better than others on a shaky head jig, but most will look very good rigged this way.  By rigging it weedless, you can fish it around all types of cover just like the Texas rig.

Swimbait Hook

A swimbait hook works great with creature baits.  Fish it similar to how you would a texas rig and you’ll catch plenty of bass.  Most anglers think of swimbait hooks as the preferred rig to use for swimbaits.  You can swim some creature baits with a swimbait hook, but it works well when fished slowly around cover too.  The swimbait hook gives the bait a gliding action down to the bottom and this makes some creatures look flat out awesome. This helps with reaction strikes.