Chunk Trailers

Trailers are used mostly on the back of a bass jig, however, some anglers report success by fishing these baits as a finesse bait on a smaller jighead or drop shot rig.  If you’re looking to target quality bass, fish these trailers on the back of a bass jig. You can fish with plastic or pork.  There are many manufacturers out there that make a variety of styles, sizes and colors of plastic and pork trailers so you have a lot of options when looking for the perfect trailer for your bass jig.

Popular Fishing Techniques

Hopping Along the Bottom

You can hop these baits along all types of bottoms since the bass jig has a very thick weed guard that prevents you from getting hung up when fishing around rocks, wood and scattered vegetation.

Dragging Along the Bottom

Some anglers just drag these baits along the bottom slowly as they feel the bottom contour for all types of wood and rocks.  This technique helps you find some of the cover along the bottom and works for catching bass as well.

Flipping & Pitching Around Cover

Flipping and pitching around cover is probably the most popular way to fish a bass jig.  You can get these jigs in and around all types of wood and vegetation where largemouth bass love to hide.

Skipping Bass Jigs

Bass jigs also skip really well around trees and docks.  Find a jig with a flatter head and you’ll get even better skips in tight places.  It’s an awesome way to fish a bass jig.

Popular Fishing Rigs

Bass Jig & Chunk Trailer

A bass jig and chunk trailer is one of the best ways to target largemouth bass around cover such as wood and scattered vegetation.  You may also catch plenty of smallmouth bass, spotted bass and some other species too.

Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig and some of the smaller finesse-style chunk trailers can actually be great for targeting bass when the bite is more finicky.