Casting Spoons

Casting spoons aren’t very popular among bass anglers.  There is something about the action of the spoon that doesn’t work as well for largemouth bass as they do for northern pike, salmon and trout.  That doesn’t mean that a largemouth bass won’t hit a casting spoon though.  At times, spoons can be very productive, especially if largemouth bass are feeding actively on bait fish.  Many anglers catch big bass while targeting northern pike on waters up north when using spoons as well.  Ideally, casting spoons might be best used for largemouth bass when you are on a body of water that also has northern pike in it.  This allows anglers to have more action by catching pike and some quality bass too.

Jigging Spoons

Jigging Spoons are one of the best deep water fishing lures for largemouth bass, although, most bass anglers rarely fish with them.  When bass move deeper (15 to 30 feet of water), it is not uncommon for some anglers to catch bass in bunches by vertical jigging over bass that are suspended near schools of bait fish.  Jigging spoons work well during the pre-spawn when bass are staging in deeper water near the shallow water spawning sites.  These lures are also very effective during the hot summer months and in the late fall when more largemouth bass are found in deeper water.