Bass Jigs

Bass Jigs are probably the most common lure among tournament anglers.  Largemouth bass love jigs and there are so many different ways you can fish them in so many different types of situations.  Bass jigs definitely are a big fish bait as well.

Popular Techniques

Flipping & Pitching Around Cover

Fishing a bass jig around wood is one of the most popular ways to fish these baits.  You can get these baits into all types of snaggy cover and fish them very effectively.  They work better around wood than vegetation, however, you can fish these in the pockets around vegetation as well.

Hop Them Along the Bottom

Because bass jigs work well around snags and they imitate a crayfish, it is a great bait to just hop along the bottom around all types of cover.

Slowly Crawl Them Along the Bottom

Some anglers report good success just slowly crawling the bait along the bottom.  Just slowly move this bait across the bottom and be ready for a bite.

Swim Them

With certain trailers, bass jigs look great with a swimming retrieve.  If you choose to use more of a bait fish color and you pair it with a small swimbait or grub, you can imitate a variety of bait fish and draw lots of strikes with a swimming retrieve.

Skipping Bass Jigs

Bass jigs also skip really well around trees and docks.  Find a jig with a flatter head and you’ll get even better skips in tight places.  It’s an awesome way to fish a bass jig.

See Them Under Water

Bass Jig & Crayfish

A bass jig and a crayfish bait is one of the best ways to fish a bass jig.  Finding the right combination is key.  On some days, they want a bigger crayfish and on others, a smaller more finesse crayfish is the better trailer.

Bass Jig & Chunk Trailer

This is how most anglers would fish with a bass jig.  A chunk trailer is very affordable in price and they give the lure a great finishing touch.

Bass Jig & Tube Trailer

This may be one of the most effective ways to fish a bass jig and most anglers would never think of using a tube as a trailer on a bass jig.  The slender profile is perfect for adding a finishing touch to a bass jig.

Bass Jig & Twin Tail Grub

Bass Jig & Swimming Trailers

Curly tail grubs and mini swimbaits are awesome trailers for swimming a bass jig.  Match the colors to baitfish that are currently in the body of water you are fishing and you’ll usually have better success when swimming these jigs.

Curly Tail Grubs


Small Swimbaits

How to Rig Trailers on a Bass Jig

Chunk Trailers

Crayfish Trailers

Curly Tail Grubs


Small Swimbaits


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