Lipless Crankbaits are arguably one of the best search baits for catching largemouth bass in shallow water (8 feet or less).  These lures still can work over deeper water, but they excel in the shallows for bass that have moved in to feed on bait fish.

Shallow-Diving Crankbaits are made specifically for fishing shallow water.  You can fish them over deeper water, but they are much less effective.  When bass are in the shallows to feed, a shallow-diving crankbait is hard to beat.  These lures are great search baits and work great when bass are feeding on bait fish.

Crankbaits that cover the medium depth ranges (6-10 feet) are some of the best crankbaits to use for largemouth bass because on most lakes, there are almost always some largemouth bass that can be found in these depths.  Fish these crankbaits on shorelines with good drop-offs, off of points and around any types of cover that you can find around these depths and you will catch some bass.

Deep-Diving Crankbaits excel when largemouth bass are in deep water.  During the early spring, summer and late fall, it is common to find largemouth bass suspended out in deeper water.  Deep-diving crankbaits will help you get down to those depths to give you a chance to catch those bass that are much less pressured.