Fishing Calendar

Fishing Hackensack, MN in the Spring

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
March 38° / 16°
April 54° / 30°
May 67° / 42°

The spring brings very good fishing to the area lakes.  When the opener arrives in May, most anglers will be targeting walleye in the area lakes.  The fishing is also very good for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, panfish and northern pike.  Many of the smaller lakes in the area will warm much quicker than the big lakes in the state, so you can find some warmer water temps in many of these lakes early in the year.

Fishing Hackensack, MN in the Summer

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
June 75° / 52°
July 80° / 57°
August 77° / 55°

The summer brings warm temperatures, but it is far enough up north where you’re not going to find too many real hot days up here.  Air temperatures will be comfortable through the summer, but the fish will still settle in and be found on the typical summer depths.  In the clear water lakes, plan on fishing much deeper in the summer, especially for walleye and northern pike.  In the murky water lakes, the fish won’t be as deep, but you still may be fishing 15 to 25 feet down during the middle of the summer.

Fishing Hackensack, MN in the Fall

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
September 67° / 46°
October 54° / 34°
November 37° / 21°

In the fall, the fishing gets really good again as many fish species will move into shallower water.  September is a very good month for all species of fish and the bite stays pretty strong for walleye, pike, panfish and smallmouth bass through the middle of October.

Fishing Hackensack, MN in the Winter (Ice Fishing)

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
December 23° / 4°
January 20° / -2°
February 25° / 2°

Ice fishing is popular here and on many of the smaller lakes, anglers can access some of these waters more easily.  Anglers usually target panfish, walleye and northern pike through the ice.

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