Warm Weather & Bonefish

Bonefish are a tropical fish, so warm water is good.  Bonefish thrive in the warmer waters where these fish are found, so don’t be afraid to go out and fish on a 90 degree day because they will still feed in the warmer water.

How Cold Weather Affects Bonefish

The cold weather months of December, January and February can make the fishing somewhat difficult for bonefish.  During the warmer days in the winter, bonefish will still be found on the flats and they will be feeding.  The cold fronts that come in will push bonefish off the flats and it will be very difficult to find any fish to target.  Because bonefish are found in tropical locations, you won’t find too much cold weather except for the winter months.  Try to avoid fishing during the worst cold fronts and you’ll catch more bonefish.