Lake Ontario

In the 1000 Islands area, you have a lot of great fishing on Lake Ontario without having to go far out into the lake.  The northeast part of Lake Ontario is a large bay with several bays within it.  The St. Lawrence River flows into this part of the lake and there are so many awesome fishing spots in this area.  With the current, islands, bays and offshore structure, you have so many places to target a variety of fish.  Smallmouth bass, walleye, King salmon, perch, northern pike, lake trout and brown trout are just some of the fish you may catch in this part of the lake.

Fish the Bays

Whether you fish the Ontario or New York side of the lake, you have plenty of large bays to target a variety of fish in.  There are smaller bays here as well, so you have lots of options to target a variety of fish from spring through fall.  Early in the year, you can find a lot of different fish move into these bays.  In the summer, most anglers do better farther offshore, but in the fall, a lot of fish will move back into the bays as water temperatures drop back into the upper 50s.

Fish the River Mouth

The river mouth is one of the best areas to fish in the 1000 Islands area.  Anglers catch just about everything here from spring through fall.  Fish the islands, bays and points near the river mouth and you’ll find plenty of fish.

Fish the Islands

There are so many awesome islands to fish here.  You can target these islands shallow and deep from spring through fall and you’ll have plenty of fish to catch.

Fish the Points

There are a lot of major points to fish in this area.  Early in the year, plan on fishing a lot of fish in shallower water around these points.  The areas with deep water nearby these points will be better spots to fish in the summer and fall.

Fish Offshore

Lake Ontario is home to some excellent fishing.  Offshore, fishing charters fish for salmon, lake trout, walleye, northern pike and more.

Fish the Shorelines

The shorelines can also provide some very good fishing depending on the time of year.  Lake trout are found shallow very early and late in the year.  Salmon move closer to the shorelines as they move in to spawn towards the end of summer and into the fall.  Smallmouth bass are found all over the shorelines in the spring time.  Find some areas with a mixture of rocks and sand and you’ll find some smallmouth bass.  Northern pike and walleye can also be found a little bit off the shorelines early in the year and some fish will move back in during the fall.