The evening provides some of the most consistent smallmouth bass fishing from spring through fall.  During the colder months in the early spring and late fall, the smallmouth bass bite tends to get better as the water temperatures warm up a couple of degrees.  The water temperature tends to hold its gains through the evening, making for some consistent action from smallmouth bass.  Combine that with the lowlight conditions and you should be able to catch some fish.

With warmer water temperatures, smallmouth bass tend to make a move into shallower water in the evening.  While you may catch plenty of fish in 20 to 30 feet of water during the evening, there are usually plenty of bass that will make a move into water as shallow as 2 feet deep to feed on crayfish and other bait fish in the shallows.  Anglers have a lot of options during the evenings in the summer.  Whether you are fishing in the spring, summer or fall, it’s tough to beat the evening bite.