During the early spring and late fall, some of the best smallmouth bass fishing can be found during the afternoon as water temperatures warm up a couple of degrees.  Once water warms up to the mid-60s and above during the summer months, the afternoon bite can be a lot tougher in the afternoon.  The high sun in the summer makes it very difficult to consistently catch smallmouth bass.  On cloudy or rainy days, the fishing may be great in the afternoon, but sunny days make fishing tough.  Most anglers target smallmouth bass in deeper water during the afternoon.  Fish may have been active in 2 to 10 feet of water during the first couple hours of light, but those same fish could easily be holding on the drop-off in 20 to 30 feet of water during the afternoon.  Deep water drop-offs, points, humps, weedlines and reefs will hold smallmouth bass.