Weightless Rig

Smallmouth bass anglers typically use the weightless rig in the spring and fall when bass can be found in the shallows. A live nightcrawler, leech, minnow or small chub can be deadly on this type of rig with some lighter line so you can cast the bait. Wacky worms and soft jerkbaits are also good lures to fish on a weightless rig.

The weightless Texas rig is a very popular way to rig baits weightless.  When you are going a little bigger with your soft plastics for smallies, try this rig when fishing weightless.  It works great with all types of soft plastics, but anglers will use it mostly with a soft jerkbait or soft plastic worm.

Best Lures for Weightless Rigs & Smallmouth Bass

Soft Jerkbaits

Finesse Worms

Wacky Worms

Skirted Twin Tail Grubs