Swimbait Hooks

Swimbait hooks are great for rigging a variety of soft plastic baits for targeting smallmouth bass.  Most anglers will use them to rig a swimbait, but you can fish just about any soft plastic bait that you would use on a Texas rig with a swimbait hook too.

Best Ways to Fish a Swimbait Hook

Swim It

This is a no brainer.  Swimbait hooks are made for swimming baits with a steady retrieve.  Rig your favorite swimbait or other bait that you want to swim through the water column.  These hooks work great for this type of fishing.

Jerk and Glide

This is a technique that you can use with a variety of baits, but we really like to use it with soft plastic jerkbaits.  Because the weight is set below the center of the bait, the action is a little different as you jerk the bait, then let it fall.  You can work the baits along the bottom or higher up through the water column.  It’s a great way to use a jerkbait retrieve to catch smallmouth bass.  Minnow baits are great, but don’t rule out other baits with this technique as well.