Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig is an effective rig for smallmouth bass.  The rig is used mostly to fish deeper water around points, near weed edges, on offshore structure, along rocky shorelines and on reefs near deep water.  You can use lighter weights for shallow water fishing, although, the carolina rig isn’t as popular for shallow water.  You can fish many different types of live bait and artificial lures with the carolina rig.  Some of the popular live baits are nightcrawlers, fathead minnows, shiners, creek chubs, redtail chubs and leeches.  Soft plastics are most popular with the carolina rig, although, some smallmouth bass anglers with use other lures such as crankbaits, spinners, jigs, swimbaits and spoons.

Best Live Baits on a Carolina Rig for Smallmouth Bass




Best Soft Plastics on a Carolina Rig for Smallmouth Bass

Curly Tail Worms

Creature Baits


Soft Jerkbaits