Wacky Worms

Wacky Worms may be the most popular types of worms to fish weightless. The wacky style rig has swept the country and bass anglers can’t get enough of this technique. While it may be more popular for anglers to use wacky worms for largemouth bass, the standard 5″ wacky worms are the perfect size for catching smallmouth bass. You can go smaller or larger with the worms, but the 5″ size tends to work great for catching numbers of bass as well as big smallmouth bass.

Best Rigs for Wacky Worms

Wacky Rig (Weightless)

The weightless rig is the most popular way to fish these worms.  Fish them with a twitch and pause retrieve and you are going to get a lot of bites as the worm falls through the water column.


Using an O-ring is the easiest way to increase your ratio of fish caught per worm.  One of the negatives of using wacky worms is that the bait comes off the hook very easy when you rig it wacky style.  You can easily land 4 to 5 bass or even more per worm by adding an O-ring.  Without an O-ring, it’s possible to lose a worm per bass, which can get costly.

Finesse Jigs (Weedless)

Weedless finesse jigs are a great way to rig wacky worms as well.  A lot of times, you will catch more smallmouth bass with this technique than with a weightless rigged wacky worm because it allows you to get down deeper faster, which gets your bait in front of more bass more quickly.  The slow sink rate is still super effective at getting bites too.  For smallies, most anglers would fish these jigs when fishing around scattered weeds or wood.

Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig is an awesome rig for targeting smallmouth bass.  Use it in deeper water to help you get down deeper quicker.  Use a twitch and pause retrieve and you will catch plenty of bass.