Floating Worms

Floating worms are unique since they float up off the bottom.  These worms can be very effective for smallmouth bass.

Best Rigs for Floating Worms & Smallmouth Bass

Shaky Head Jigs

Shaky head jigs are great for floating worms.  With the shaky head jig, it positions soft plastics baits up off the bottom anyways, but with a floating worm, it stays up easier and works better if you just want to twitch the bait and keep it in the same spot.

Drop Shot Rig

Floating worms look good on a drop shot rig.  It’s definitely a different type of action than the other worms that do not float and smallmouth bass love this action.

Carolina Rig

A floating worm also looks good on a Carolina rig.  Just work it along slowly and hang on.

Shop Some of the Best Floating Worms

Gulp! Alive! Floating Nightcrawler
Gulp! Floating Trout Worm
Gambler Lures Floating Worm